Tennessee Classic State Route Sign

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Route Digits: 1-2 Digits
Sheeting: 3M 3930 HIP
Size: 24x24
Sale Price$75.00 Regular Price$90.00


This is the original 1948 spec TN-6a and TN-6b Tennessee State Route sign. We are one of very few manufacturers that make this to the exact specs of the classic version with “TENN” below the route numbers that was made from 1948 until the 1980’s when it was replaced with the TN-6c sign, where this sign was then used for secondary routes and had the “TENN” wording removed from the signs. This is produced on a 24″x24″ square .080″ aluminum blank for 1 to 2 digit routes, and a horizontal 30″x24″ .080″ aluminum blank for 3 digit routes. We can manufacture this sign with any number up to 3 digits, 1 through 999.

Looking for the current TN-6c Tennessee State Route sign? CLICK HERE to go to the product page for the newer current sign.

Produced with top-quality 3M High Intensity Prismatic reflective materials.

Please be sure to select the ROUTE NUMBER that you would like on the sign. Photo for reference only.

Note: If the numbers overflow the borders, don't worry - we will correct this in production. Your sign will look great!

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