NEMA Load Switch Model 200

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The standard in the traffic industry – the Model 200 series load switches are designed for use in traffic signal systems and compatible with TS1, TS2 and Type 170 cabinets in accordance with the NEMA Standard. It is designed to allow the TRIAC device to operate with the full load current at high temperature (+175°F) without exceeding the manufacturer “Maximum Allowable Case Temperature” TRIAC device specification. The Model 200 load switch has a built-in heavy duty extruded aluminum heat sink chassis, this helps ensure long life and reliable operation during extreme temperature.

The Model 200 solid state Switch Pack is compatible with Type 170 cabinets. Meets NEMA, CALTRANS TYPE 170, FHWA TYPE 170. Made in the United States.

  • Meets NEMA TS1, TS2, and Type 170 requirements
  • Operating Voltage Range: 60 to 135 VAC
  • Dimensions: L= 8.025” x H = 4.170” x W = 1.475”
  • Zero crossing: Less than 5 degrees of zero voltage point
  • Isolation greater than 2000 volts
  • Off state leakage less than 10 mA peak
  • Maximum input current less than 20 mA
  • Peak Inverse Voltage: 600V
  • One cycle surge: 250 A peak
  • Noise rejection is greater than ±300V peak
  • 10 Amp RMS Maximum Load Current over full NEMA
    temperature range 83°F to 175°F
  • 1 Year manufacturer warranty
  • Proudly Made in the USA

Dimensions: 8″ L x 4.2″ H x 1.5″ W

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